AGM 2005


Friends of St Mary's Church, Cricklade, Wiltshire, U.K.


Chairman: Hugh Dudley, 4 Pleydells, Cricklade, SWINDON, SN6 6NG

Secretary: Gerry Dudley, 4 Pleydells, Cricklade, SWINDON, SN6 6NG

Treasurer: Tony Barratt, 13 Boundary Close, Stratton, SWINDON, SN2 7TF


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Annual General Meeting


The Friends of St Mary's Church, Cricklade

Held on Tuesday 8th November 2005 at Brook House, Cricklade


Bernadette Yarnold,                 Ray Tetlow                 Helen Lee                 

Anne Wykeham-Martin            David Tetlow              Edmond Lee

Cynthia Howard                        Trish Snape               Seymour Aitken

Louise Aitken                            Peter Baister              Eddie Condon

Gerry Dudley

1.  Bernadette opened the meeting by thanking Louise and Seymour Aitken for the use, yet again, of their home for our AGM.


2. Apologies:      

    Agnes Cook                      Phillipa Hunter            Robin & Mary Bourne

    Helen Clift                          Marie Puskas             Margaret Stephenson

    Fr Patrick Eastman           Kevin Allen


3. Chairman’s Report:  Copy attached.


4. Treasurer’s Report:  Copy attached.

(a)Eddie Condon wished to record our thanks to Kevin the efficiency of his presentation of the financial situation.


(b)The matter of funding for the planned changes to accommodate disabled access to St  Mary’s was raised.  Bernadette informed those present that The Friends would be funding the Faculty required to undertake this work, but that funding for the structural work involved should be considered the responsibility of the parish since it was to comply with Legislation and not part of The Friends brief. 


5. Election of Officers:

    Bernadette Yarnold announced that after serving on the Committee of The Friends for a total of 8 years, latterly as Chairman, she had decided to stand down in order to take a well-earned break.



     Bernadette proposed a suitable replacement in Eddie Condon who very kindly agreed to take on the role of Chairman.

    Nominee: Eddie Condon: 

    Proposed:  B Yarnold; Seconded: G Dudley;                                                 Carried unanimously.


    At this point, Eddie presented Bernadette with a framed print of St Mary’s, as a token of the gratitude of members and Committee. The print was from a larger painting by local artist David Sherwood. 



     Fr. Patrick had agreed to continue as Vice-Chair



     Kevin Allen, a newly arrived parishioner, had been appointed Treasurer on the departure of our previous Treasurer, Robin Bourne.  Kevin had agreed to continue in this post.


     Secretar y:

    Gerry Dudley agreed to continue as Secretary.



     Continuing Committee Members:

     The following members had agreed to continue to serve on the Committee for a further term:


     Seymour Aitken                      Helen Clift                  Peter Baister              Edmund Lee  


      Two further new members were introduced and welcomed:


      Anne Wykeham-Martin  Trisha Snape  


6. Projects in Hand:


Chapel: There has been no further progress in this matter.  The Architect is awaiting approval to progress to the next stage.


Churchyard Cross: Tony Thompson, Diocesan Architect has had no response, after several reminders, from English Heritage.  Since sending further reminders would incur more expense, it was decided that we would have to wait until a response has been received.


Lightning Conductor: Bernadette reported that two quotes had been received which are within our budget.  It would requite a Faculty before work can start and Bernadette and Eddie to arrange to meet to discuss the procedures involved.


Cemetery: Trish Snape gave a brief report on the ongoing work to tidy up the cemetery. Trish reported that whilst she and Helen Clift had been working on the border recently, they had uncovered further stones which might be made very attractive and interesting by planting with some spring flowers etc.  The two ladies had already planted 250 spring bulbs within the border which should make it very attractive in the coming Spring. Gerry Dudley reported that Cricklade Bloomers had donated 250 mixed narcissus bulbs to be planted within the cemetery.  It was agreed that they should be planted soon.   It was suggested that a working party be organised and that Trish and Helen should inform a number of committee members when they have decided on a suitable time.

    Edmund Lee informed those present that there is a weekend course held in Ludlow which might be useful for the “gardening” members of the committee.  The cost per person is £125, but for charities the cost would be £75.  It was felt that it would be very useful, and therefore The Friends would subsidise the cost which could be extended to two members .  Since the places are limited, it was suggested that registration should take place as soon as possible.  Helen and Trish were asked to consider this suggestion. Ray Tetlow suggested that Kate Crowe from St Sampson’s might also be interested in attending, and offered to pass on the information if Edmund gave her details.


2008 – Millenium For St Mary’s: Bernadette expressed a hope to produce a pageant/son et lumiere type of production to commemorate this event.  It could be presented over a period of 2 nights, encompassing various periods of the history of St Mary’s .  It was suggested that there be a narrator (in the guise of a monk perhaps) and that each period be illuminated as it was covered within the narration.  


    It was thought that various outside organisations might like to be involved, e.g. Prior Park School who could perhaps offer help with the production/any singing/plain chant /lighting techniques etc., the children of St Sampsons school as characters from history, Cricklade Historical Society  for obvious reasons might also like to be involved.


    Eddie Condon suggested co-opting Bernadette to set up a sub-Committee to investigate the possibility of bringing this suggestion to fruition.


    It was thought advisable, even at this early stage,  to contact Bishop Declan,who is one of  our Patrons, to see if he would be able to attend .  It was therefore, imperative that plans be put down soon.


   Edmund Lee thought it might be possible to obtain a copy of the original Charter for St Mary’s to be obtained for display purposes at this event.


Suggestions for Future Events:

a.  Carols & Mulled Wine – Perhaps an evening in Advent.

b. Musical Evening, involving Prior Park Choir.  Too late for this year,but possibly next? 

c. The Town Band – a recital?

d.  It was thought appropriate that on 28th November 2005, when the town Christmas lights are switched on, that St Mary’s could be opened, in candle light with some appropriate Christmas music, for anyone who might like to visit the church in the evening.


7.  Any Other Business:           

Bernadette reminded those present that on Tuesday 22nd November, the mass for The Deceased Members of The Friends of St Mary’s will be held at 7.00 p.m. it was hoped that as many members as possible would attend.


Edmund brought the matter of Church Openings to the attention of the meeting.  It had been agreed to open the church on two days a week (Tuesday and Fridays between 9.00a.m. and 3.00p.m.) and this had in fact not been happening.  Eddie Condon suggested that this be put on the Agenda for the next meeting.  Members were asked to contact Gerry Dudley if there were any specific points they wished raised at the next meeting, so that they could be added to the Agenda.






11TH APRIL 2006         )

11TH JULY 2006           )            AT ST MARY’S AT 7.30 P.M.

10TH OCTOBER 2006 )


Treasurer's Report for the 12 months ended 31 October 2005