Friends of St Mary's Church, Cricklade, Wiltshire, U.K.


Chairman: Hugh Dudley, 4 Pleydells, Cricklade, SWINDON, SN6 6NG

Secretary: Gerry Dudley, 4 Pleydells, Cricklade, SWINDON, SN6 6NG

Treasurer: Tony Barratt, 13 Boundary Close, Stratton, SWINDON, SN2 7TF


Burial Registers


Register of the Burials in the

parish of Cricklade St Mary's


Anno Dom 1683


Elizabeth Painter buried Decemb 14th

Ann Bayly buried January 6th


Anno Dom 1684


John Fitchew buried April 7th

Hindon Trydier buried April 10th

Ales wife of Thomas Burge buried August 20th

Elizabeth Betterton buried February 25th


Anno Dom 1685


Anne Palmer buried April 12th

Moses son of Marke Betterton buried Octob 20th


Anno Dom 1686


Anno Dom 1687


Thomas Denny buried Octob 10th

Mary daughter of William Beams bur Novemb 13th

Ann daughter of John Smith buried Feb 10th

Thomas Warwick buried March 4th

Elizabeth Borton buried March 16th


Anno Dom 1688


Roger Borton buried Aprill 29th

Margery Russell buried August 5th

Christian daughter of Wm James buried Decemb 16th

Margrett Guose buried January 20th

John Gosse buried January 27th

William Betterton buried February 3rd


Anno Dom 1689


Margrett Trynder buried May 25th

Ann Betterton buried May 26th

Thomas Mills buried August 20th

Ann Bell buried Septemb 28th

Ann Borton buried Novemb 12th


Anno Dom 1690


Marke Betterton buried April 1st

Wm son of William James buried March 12th


Anno Dom 1691


Edmund son of William Mills buried March 28th

Edmund son of George Roberts burd April 2nd

Leonard Fitchew buried January 21st

William Peer buried January 24th

Robert son of Mr Robert Laurence bur Febuary 3rd

Sarah Hayward buried Febuary 11th


Anno Dom 1692


William son of Wm Mills buried (this appears to have been crossed through)

Mary Blackwell buried July 26th

Jane Mills buried Septemb 3rd

Anee Taynton buried Decemb 5th

Robert Kemble buried January 8th

Ann Paynter buried Febuary 5th

Ann Robberts buried March 24th

May 5th 1693: ....... then of William Palmer for thirty two burials in the church and churchyard of Cricklade St Marys the sum of five shillings & four pence. John Flood vicar of Cricklade St Sampsons 0 s5 d4.


Anno Dom 1693


Thomas Burge buried May 11th

Robert Barnard buried July 21st

Richard Fitchew buried Octob 11th

Robert Venner buried Octob 18th

Richard Smith buried Nov 7th

Catharine Jenever buried Nov 21st

Wm Smith buried Dec 14th

Mary Smith buried January 9th


Anno Dom 1694


Eleanor Watts buried March 30th

Ralfe Shull buried Aprill 19th

Anne Peer buried sod:dio

Mary Hinder buried Aprill 24th

Wm James buried Octob 19th

Christian James buried Novemb 14th

Margrett Chambers buried Decemb 1st


Anno Dom 1695


Robert Jenever buried July 14th

Ales Warwick  buried August 19th

Ales Palmer buried Decemb 18th

Samuel Kemble buried  January 14th

John Palmer buried Feb 12th

Mary Leech buried Feb 13th

Martha Calfy buried Feb 20th


Anno Dom 1696


Ann daughter of Susanna Burge buried May 18th

John s. of John Venner Octob 21st

Mary Warwick Decemb 3rd


1696 Burialls


William Palmer Decemb 5th

William Russell Dec 20th

Edith Fitchew Dec 22

William Bravington January 26th




Edward Wakefeild May 11th

John Taynton June 15th

Widdow Gose July 20

Jane Bravington Octob 18th

Henry Bravington Octob 27th

Marcy Cusse Nov 5th

John Robertson Nov 8th

Anne Smith Nov 29th

John Russell Decemb 5th

Robbert Hitchens Dec 12th

Wm Palmer Jur January 30th

Thomas Cusse Feb 12th




Mary Smith July 3rd

Mary Denny  January 4th

William Leech  January 8th

Dorothy Carthwright January 16th

Martha Cusse January 22nd

James Smith January 25th

John Carter Febuary 18th


1699 Burialls


Anne Prouse May 25th

Anne Burton Sept 27th




Elizabeth Jeffs June 10th 1700

Richard Calfey Octobr 17

Thomas Painter Octobr 29

Hannah d. of Hannah Chesshire January 9




Francis Hinder s. of Jn Hinder May 8

Anne Gibbs Widdow Sept 11

William Beams Butcher Sept 25

John Hayward Feb 25




Catharine Trinder Octob 21

Anne Slye November 7th

Recd of Will Saunders for threescore burialls ten shillings by me Mary Flood

Thomas Palmer November 22nd

John s. of Jn & Hannah Smith February 24th




Anne Leech Widdow August 11

Thomas Burton August 29th

William Betterton Novembr 6th

Elizabeth Kembell February 13th

Joane Calfway March 7th




Thomas son of Thomas Clark May 13th

Walter Palmer May ye 30th by Mr D .......

Edward Spruce Nov ye 7th

Jane Matlock Dec ye 7th

Anthony Ellice Decembr ye 8th

William Betterton Feb ye 22 1704


Burials 1705


Ann Fitchew May ye 23

Sarah Viner Sept ye 1st

William Smith s. of Wilm Smith Nov ye 13th

Thomas s. of Robert Sly Jan ye 12th




M d. of Robert Sly July ye 25

Aug 30 Thomas the Base Born child of Elizabeth Slaughter

Elizabeth Painter Sept ye 15th




Ann Betterton Sept ye 29th

Francis Ellice Nov ye 17th

Edith Kemble Jan ye 19th

Robert Carter Feb ye 27th

Richard Betterton March ye 1st

Ann d. of Poulton March ye 5th

A poor boy a stranger March ye 5

Ann Kemble April ye 8th 1708

Mary Betterton June ye 20th

Thomas Burge Oct ye 12

Thomas s. of Thomas Betterton May ye 12th 1709

Wilm Ellice June ye 19

S Peor Widd Oct ye 28th

April ye 17th 1710 Received then of Christopher Saunders ye sum of five shillings and sixpence for three and thirty burials in St Marys church yard due to ye vicar of Crick St Sampsons & now received by me Edw Cuthbert

Ann d. of Robt Bourton Aug ye 23

Mary d. of Rice Maurice Dec ye 20th

Willm s. of Willm Smith Bury'd March ye 3rd 1711

John s. of Thom's Hinder Bury'd March ye 11th 1711




Ann wife of Rich Skillen Bury'd Oct ye 14

Mary d. of Edward Spruce Bury'd Oct ye 21

Elizabeth d. of Wil Smith Bury'd Nov ye 16

Robert Sly Bury'd Dec ye 19




Rich Painter Bury'd May 2

Susanna d. of Rich Molsen Bury'd Aug 5

Edward s. of William Turner Oct 8




Thomas s. of Thomas James Bury'd July 22

William s. of Thomas Rundle Bury'd Aug 5

Ann wife of Ralph Shell Bury'd Aug 13

Willm Golding Bury'd Dec 3

Mary d. of Willm Bassett Bury'd Dec 3rd

Sarah Palmer Dec 5

John Venner Dec 6

Mary Rundle Dec 13

Thomas Mobson Dec 15

Mary Hinder Dec 22

Sarah Saunders Dec 22

John Turner Dec 23

Catherine Leech Dec 31

Anthony Day Jan 9

Mary Skillen Jan 15




Catherine Saunders Apr 6

Mary Shell Apr 15

Thomas Hinder Apr 22


Burials 1715


Martha James June 10

Sarah Kemble June 24

Sarah wife of Bernard Kemble June 25

Thomas ........... s. of Thom Rundil Novmber 20

Thomas Clarke ye Elder June first 1716

Margaret Hichins wife of John Hichins July ye 17th 1716

Catherine wife of Thomas Hobgood July ye 25 1716

Angel s. of Angel Smith Oct 10

William Skillin Janry 29

Richard Betterton Febry 21




Ann Rundel July 3rd

Wm son of Wm Turner July 3rd

Sarah d. of Job Clarke Sept 8th

Willm Brazenton Nov 21

Mr Painter Dec 7

John Hitchins Feb 25

May ye 3d 1718. Received then of John Lane ye sum of seven shillings & sixpence for forty five burials in ye church & churchyard of Cricklade St Marys due to ye vicar of Cricklade St Sampsons by me Ed ........


1718 Buried


Mary Mills May ye 18

Richard s. of William Russell May 26

Thomas s. of Thomas Peer Aug 11

Anne wife of Richard Kemble Sept 14

George s. of Thomas Mills Sept 28

Widow Morley Oct 6

Widow Ellis Dec 30

William Burge Jan 12

Jane Goodwin Jan 13




Henry Cove June 22          }

Elizabeth Clark Aug 11      }

Abel Roberts Jan 11          }

N.B. Affidavit for their being buried in woollen onely was brought within the time limit by Sgt ....... .............

Anne Painter Feb 12         }

Harry Smart Mar 1              }

Affidavit for their being buried in woollen onely was brought in time


Buried 1720


Alice Carter Apr 4 } N.B. Affidavit for her being buried in woollen onely was brought in time

Mary Mills May 15 } Affidavit for her being buried in woollen onely was brought in time

Mrs Painter Aug 12 } Affidavit for her being buried in woollen onely was brought in time

Thomas Comely Oct 14 } Certify'd in writing to the churchwarden ....... that no Affidavit for his being buried in woollen onely was brought in time

Sarah Palmer Dec 31 } Affidavit for her being buried in woollen onely was brought in time

Elizabeth Borton Jan 6 } Affidavit for her being buried in woollen onely was brought in time


Buried 1721


Miriam Godwin Jun 4 } Affidavit for her being buried in woollen onely was brought in time

Robert Bourton Sept 7 } Affidavit for his being buried in woollen onely was brought in time

John Turner Sept 21 } Affidavit for his being buried in woollen onely was brought in time

Samuel Spencer Oct 1st

Willm s. of John Godwin Oct 11th




Giles Cosford May 2

Sarah d. of Joseph Comely May 29

Edith wife of Robert Golding June 28

Ann d. of William Skillen June 28th

Guy Smart Oct 23

Elizabeth Burge Nov 9th

Thomas Hayward Dec 2                                      200

Thomas Saunders Jan 25

Ann Hinder Feb 21 (1723)

Mary d. of Thom James Mar 28

Alice Shailer Ap 14             200

Susanna d. of Rob Kemble August 4

Jane d. of Thom Rundle Aug 11


Burials 1724


Thomas Comely Ap 15

Martha Heath June 3d




Margaret Chambers Ap 16

Joseph s. of William Ellis Nov 20

Mary d. of Thomas Haywood Dec 27

Betty wife of John Hinder Dec 31

Hannah wife of John Smith Dec 31

Martha d. of John Cusse Jan 3




John Calfy June 11th

Elizabeth Fitchew July 15

Sarah Mabson Oct 26




Francis Hinder April 2

John Smithe April 12

Emma Kemble Oct 7

Mrs Elizabeth Painter Oct 20

John s. of John Cuss Oct 22

Rebeciah w. of Richard Mabson Dec 3

William Leech Dec 18




Mary w. of Willm Burge March 30th

Willm s. of Thom Peor May 3d

Hester Mills June 5

John Hinder Aug 7

Widdow Burden  Aug 28

John Chambers Nov 3

Henry Cartwright Dec 25

Mary Coke Dec 29

Moses Pyke Feb 9th

Thomas Shell Feb 21st

Mary Calfy March 20




Mary Ellis Ap 1st

William Fitchew Apr 12

William Burge May 8

John s. of Rob Cuss June 1st

Sarah Bourton June 5

Jane Scorton June 9

Jeffrey Betterton June 12

Thomas Palmer Sept 13

Thomas Pike Oct 13

Joseph Cox Nov 24

Elizabeth Cartwright Dec 28

Mary Mills Jan 15

Thom Saunders Mar 22




Suzanna Godwin July 9

Edw Dibbens July 31

Eliz Kemble Oct 8

Ann Wakefield Oct 19

Rob Bourton Jan 30

Mrs Cox Feb 6

Mary Betterton Feb 19




Willm Ellis Ap 11

Richd Mopson Aug 7th

Ann d. of Josp Garett Sep 22nd

Thos s. of John Cuss Octr 25th




Henry Lane May 15th

Hesther d. of Thos Lock May 19th

John Lane Novemb 2

Wm son of Wilkins Ellis Febr 18

Richd son of Thos James Feb 25











Mary daughter of John Smith was buried July 23d

Anthony son of Wm Beal was buried August 30th

Ann daughter of John Smith was buried August 30th

Alicia Haywood, Widow, was buried Novber 22nd

Sarah wife of John Dibbins was buried Decber 23rd




Eleanor Godwin was buried Feby 16th

John Lockey was buried Feby 23rd

Sarah wife of James Cove was buried March 20th

John Cuss was buried March 21st

Mr Thos Mills was buried April 6th

Thus far delivered in at the visitation held at Cricklade the 1st day of June 1768

Octber 20th 1768 Recd of Mr Hall Church Warden the sum of two shillings and two pence for thirteen burials in the Church & Churchyard of Cricklade St Mary's due to the vicar of Cricklade St Sampsons, by me Wm Hooper, Curate.

Wm Poulton an Infant was buried June 29th

Wm Simmonds was buried July 29th

Sarah wife of Charles Robins  was buried Septber 5th

Mary Thomas an Infant was buried Novber 3rd

Mary Smith and Infant was buried Decber 12th




Thos Smith was buried Feby 15th

Samuel son of Robt Clark was buried May 17th

Eliz dr. of Wm Dawes was buried July 12th

Wm Simmonds was buried Novber 2nd

Mary dr. of John Smith was buried Decber 10th




John James was buried Feby 9th

A child of Nevil Symmonds was buried Feby 21st

Eliz Waine was buried March 21st

Giles Cooper was buried June 19th

Wm son of William Daws was buried July 4th

Thus far delivered in at the Bishops Visitation held at Marlborough the 21st of July 1770

July 18th 1770 Recd of Mr Hall Church Warden the sum of two shillings and six pence for fifteen burials in the Church & Churchyard of Cricklade St Mary's due to the vicar of Cricklade St Sampsons, by me Wm Hooper, Curate.

Sarah Stanly was buried July 23d

John Peor was buried Aug 15th

Eliz Pike was buried Aug 17th

Wm Lockey was buried Sepber 4th











Burials 1791 included


Novbr 15th James Woolford

A Copy delivered Richard Purdy, Curate


Burials 1792


Jany 11th John Allen

July 24th Mr John Hinton 75 yrs

Octobr 20th John Dibbins 82 yrs

A Copy delivered Richard Purdy, Curate


Burials 1793


Jany 1st Mrs Ann Mills

         20th Mary Smith P

April 4th Mr Christopher Saunders 78 yrs

August 8th Joseph Enoch [infant]

Octobr 15th Sarah Greville

Novr 13th Mary Ann Pool

         29th Abraham Spence P [infant]

         30th William Pope [infant]

Decr 10th Ann Ellis 82 yrs

          19th William Hunt [infant]

          30th John Morill P

A Copy delivered Richard Purdy, Curate


Burials 1794


Septr 24th Edward Taylor 79 years

Novr 16th George Symonds 77 years

Decr 30th Mary Bristow [infant]

A Copy delivered Richard Purdy, Curate


Burials 1795


Feby 22nd John Ellis

April 4th Elizabeth Clark

July 1st Mary Godwin 82 yrs

        25th Stephen Bristow

Septr 12th Henry Love

A Copy delivered Richard Purdy, Curate


Burials 1796


June 22nd John Bristow

Novr 14th Mary Slater [infant]