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The Wilts and Gloucestershire Standard 23 Jan 1915




   Rarely if ever has such a demonstration of esteem and sympathy been witnessed at Cricklade as was visible on Monday, when the funeral of Mr. Thomas Butt Miller took place. Abundant proof was afforded, if such were needed, of the very high regard in which the deceased gentleman was held, not only locally, but over a very wide area. As might have been expected, in view of Mr. Miller's mastership of the V.W.H. (Cricklade) Hounds for twenty years, a very large percentage of those present were interested in hunting, but in addition to these and many personal friends there were also present representatives of various local bodies with which Mr. Miller had been or was at the time of his death associated, and in which he always evinced a keen interest. Many representatives of the working classes were, too, present to pay a last tribute of respect to a real and true friend.

   The body was conveyed from London on Sunday by motor hearse, and placed in the chancel of St. Sampson's Church, the Rev. C. W. Jacob reading portions of the Burial Service.

   The funeral service was fixed for 2.30, but long before that hour the congregation began to take their seats, and at the opening of the service the large building was well filled. The service, which was choral, was of a beautiful and impressive character. The officiating clergy were the Rev. C. W. Jacob, vicar of the parish, and the Rev. S. Denton, formerly rector of St. Mary's. Other robed clergy present were the Revs. C. Wray, St. Mary's, and C. R. Luckman, Castle Eaton. The hymns sung were "For all the saints who from their labours rest," "A few more years shall roll," and "Abide with me." As the remains were carried from the chancel to the hearse, the coffin was preceded by the surpliced choir and clergy.

   The coffin, which was of unpolished oak, with heavy brass furniture, bore the inscription : ---


Born December 2nd, 1859,

Died 13th January, 1915.

   The interment, by the Rev. C. R. Luckman, took place at Eisey in a brick grave forming the first chamber of the family vault.

   It was one of the deceased gentleman's most favourite walks to this church, and he could often be seen wending his way there on a Sunday afternoon. It is a quiet, secluded spot on an elevated position, overlooking the beautiful Thames valley, and within sight of the Manor House, Cricklade, his own home.

   Among the large congregation were Mrs. Miller, widow, Master George and Miss Bridget Miller, son and daughter, Mr. Audley and Mr. Godfrey Miller, brothers, Mr. and Mrs. Roper Tyler, brother-in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. David Lindsay, brother-in-law and sister, Colonel Hill, C.B., and 

Mrs. Hill, brother-in-law and sister, Mrs. Dudley Smith, mother-in-law, Mrs. Greathead, the family nurse, Mrs. Prior, for many years housekeeper, Mr. G. Cottrell, for many years coachman, Mr. W. Webb, for many years stud groom at the kennels, Messrs. C. Hemmings and W. Barnard, old hunt servants, Earl and Countess Bathurst, Sir E. and Lady Stafford Howard, the Marquis of Cholmondeley, Mrs. T. C. P. Calley, Mr. Herbert Lord, M.F.H., Major Chambres, Mr. W. A. Harford, Colonel Butler, Mr. J. Adamthwaite, Colonel Helm, Mr. G. Cunard, Mr. J. Thornton, honorary secretary V.W.H. Hunt, Mrs. Leigh, Mr. James Sadler, Sir F. Banbury, Bart., M.P., Major Goddard, Mr. H. J. Horton, Mr. J. W. Brown (Highworth), the Rev. Selwyn E. Rudge, rector of Kingscote, Mr. C. J. Horton (Down Ampney), Mr. B. S. Hiscock (Down Ampney), Mr. A. Chillingworth (Highworth), Mr. S. Dennis, Mr. J. Faulkner, Mr. T. Faulkner, Mr. Freer Meade, Mr. R. W. Hobbs, Mr. J. Joicey, Mr. J. Rickards, sen., Mr. J. Rickards, jun., Mr. H. Cole, Mr. W. T. Stevens, Mr. R. Hewer, Mr. W. R. Freeth, Mr. Joe Willis, Superintendent Millard (Swindon), Mr. W. Burges, Chipping sodbury, etc. Representing the Market Committee were Messrs. A. J. Sadler, J. Carter, and F. Cuss ; the Parish Council, Messrs. W. H. Sadler, E. Kilminster, G. Blackwell, T. L. Franklin ; the Cricket Club, Messrs. W. Young and G. B. Lansdown ; School Managers, Mrs. W. J. Carter, Dr. F. Lewarne, and Mr. A. T. Giles ; Charity Trustees, Mr. A. A. Ockwell ; Trustees of the Waylands Estate, Mr. W. H. Stephens. Several of these representatives were present in a dual or treble capacity. Local tradesmen, etc., included Messrs. T. Lansdown, F. Sadler, C. Morley, J. Cullerne, S. Wilkins, W. New, A. Cowley, L. O. Hammond, W. T. Wallis, etc. Sir George Jenkinson, Bart., Mr. Will Dale, and the Rev. H. E. and Mrs. Robeson (Blunsdon) were prevented from being present, as was Mr. Nigel Kingscote, of Kingscote, who was suffering from a severe cold.

   There was a very large number of beautiful floral tributes. Among those who sent flowers were --- Sir Clifford Cory, Mrs. George Anson, Mrs. E. P. Burges, Mr. and Mrs. J. Adamthwaite, Major and Lady Eleanor Byng, Mrs. G. Willes, M. and A., Rupert and Beatie, Molly, Jobe, Mr. G. Cunard, Mrs. G. Cunard, Bridget and Tan, Mr. and Mrs. F. Miller, Mr. and Mrs. Webb, Mr. T. Miller, Directors of Messrs. Millers and corys, The Marchioness of Cholmondeley, Georgie and Roper, Joe and Lil, Nurse, Tradesmen of Cricklade, Cricklade Cricket Club, The Servants, Mrs. and the Misses Luce, Mr. and Mrs. Faulkner, Captain D. Miller, Rev. and Mrs. C. Jacob, David and Maud, Alwyn and Theo, Muriel and Bonnie, Gerald and Barbara, Margarette Smith, Allen, Meriel, Billy and Ralph.

   The flag on the tower of Kingscote Church was flown half mast high during the time of the funeral.


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